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Make any shop run more efficiently, regardless of size or production, with Okuma’s powerful and versatile 5-axis machines. Working on a 5-axis machine minimizes setups, allows for faster cycle time, produces less scrap, and increases spindle up time, giving your shop the ability to open its possibilities.
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Increase uptime on your Okuma machines through automated processes with our automation solutions. These automation solutions, like our MULTUS B250II with built-in ARMROID, feature easy-to-use interfaces that allow you to increase efficiency easily and in a streamlined manner.
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It is very important that your machine components receive the correct amount of clean air in order to keep dirt, dust, and debris out of these components, which allows you to increase efficiency and component life.
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    Our MILLAC 1052V II vertical machining center is the ultimate in large machining centers with high rigidity, heavy cutting ability, and high operability. The strong base-column construction has optimally placed ribs to counter chatter and twisting during heavy-duty cutting. Traditional box ways are used for all axes to give high accuracy and rigidity over the long term. With the use of variable speed gear head and large-diameter spindle bearings, this machine can perform heavy-duty cutting and rapid machining with large torque from low to high speeds. The ample travel and table designed to withstand heavy loads are well-suited for the machining of large, heavy workpieces.

      Highlighted Specs
      [ ] = Optional
      Table Dimensions in 86.61 x 41.34 [125.95 x 41.34]
      Travel X/Y/Z in 80.71 x 41.73 x 31.50
      [120.08 x 41.73 x 31.50]
      Max Load lbs 5,511 [8,360]
      Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) fpm 52 / 52 / 52 [39 / 39 / 52]
      Spindle Speed min⁻¹ 20~4,000
      [30~6,000; 50~12,000; 50~15,000]
      Spindle Power hp 30/25 [35/25]
      Table Dimensions mm 2,200 x 850 [3,200 x 850]
      Travel X/Y/Z mm 2,050 x 850 x 750
      [3,050 x 850 x 750]
      Max Load kg 2,500 [3,800]
      Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) m/min 16 / 16 / 16 [12 / 12 / 16]
      Spindle Speed min⁻¹ 20~4,000
      [30~6,000; 50~12,000; 50~15,000]
      Spindle Power kW 22/18.5 [26/18.5]

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